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Abhishek Singhal

Resource Smart Energy Conversion in Circular Economy

>> 2019... 

Abhishek Singhal_edited.jpg

Doctoral Student

Utilization of waste biomass for sustainable energy production is a widely studied topic. However, holistic view of harnessing maximum potential from biomass for energy production is yet to be established. The present study envisions to derive maximum potential for clean energy generation by thoroughly studying market for available biomass and selecting appropriate pre-handling & energy conversion techniques for efficient conversion.


Along with maximum energy recovery, technology has to follow tight environmental emissions regulations as environmental quality and climate change mitigation are the biggest challenges of the present times. For which environmental impacts analysis will be done for the developed technique using Life-cycle-analysis (LCA).

Industry Partner

Marko Palonen 


Academic Supervisor

Tero Joronen


Jukka Konttinen


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