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Companies need doctoral graduates who have the ability to apply research knowledge in business contexts, possess excellent communication skills, and maintain a broad network of contacts as they pursue challenging expert careers.


The Doctoral School of Industry Innovations (DSII) at Tampere University (TAU) employs the latest innovation methods and fosters active university-industry collaboration. Our doctoral students develop a strong set of skills, enabling them to conduct agile, customer-oriented research, development, and business.


Innovative and agile doctoral graduates 

DSII offers companies a new avenue for improving their competitive position and renewing their business. DSII builds bridges between academia and industry and provides companies with access to the latest research knowledge and the opportunity to address research questions that are the key to developing their business activities.


Our doctoral students are looking to pursue management and expert careers in industry, and they develop not only their scientific and technological competencies but also their innovation and communication skills throughout their studies.


DSII offers doctoral students a unique opportunity to undertake dissertation research, gain a thorough understanding of innovation methods, tackle real-world business challenges, and expand their professional networks.  


DSII Scale-up Pilot is a groundbreaking collaboration between Finland's two largest universities,

University of Helsinki and Tampere University.

Under the pilot's theme Big data sustainability,

the future DSII PhD students will be solving the grand challenges of our lifetime. 


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