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Dario Amoroso D Aragona

Architectural Degradation and Technical Debt Dashboards

>> 2022- 2026

Dario Amoroso D Aragona_edited.jpg

Doctoral Student

Companies frequently try to improve the quality of their software by resolving technical issues that are perceived to have an impact on software quality. Technical information is any information that may be gathered from the source code or the software development process, for instance: code or documentation guidelines, and the use of specific patterns. If these issues are not fixed they may generate technical debt. 


The goal of the project, which started on January 2022, is to understand which are the causes of Architectural Technical Debt in a real case study and to develop a Dashboard to notify developers as earlier as possible. 


We first plan to investigate the actual production code process and then work with teams to find the best practices and strategies to easily manage Architectural Technical Debt.

Industry Partner


Academic Supervisor

Davide Taibi


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