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Farid Alijani

Environment mapping, analysis and localization  

>> 2018... 

Doctoral Student

In mining industry, “Safety First” concept is not a luxury feature, it in fact, does highly prioritize the protection of workers, equipment and constructions. In addition to safety, increasing the productivity of mines via automation depending on what ores they excavate is fundamentally crucial.

Given the fragile and deprived GPS signals in indoor environments, sophisticated localization and mapping techniques must be utilized to maintain smooth traverse with obstacle avoidance simultaneously. Automation is the most likely mean to attain the next quantum jump in productivity and safety of mining industry.

The main objective of this research is to investigate hardware and software frameworks for robust and efficient real-time mapping and localization of autonomous vehicles in underground mines using novel sensing, control and communication architectures.

Industry Partner

Jussi Puura


Academic Supervisor

Jussi Collin


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