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Isavella Koukoula

Advanced Optimized Pulse Patterns for Medium-Voltage Drives (OPT2DRIVE)

>> 2021- 2025

Isavella Koukoula_edited_edited.jpg

Doctoral Student

Conventional modulation methods do not fully utilize the capability of the power electronic hardware. Optimized pulse patterns (OPPs) are a modulation method that can produce minimal load-current distortions. Conventional OPPs are commonly computed by taking into account only one objective, typically the quality of the current fed into the load (e.g., the machine), by minimizing its distortions. As a result, conventional OPPs are computed by focusing only on a load-friendly operation.  

In this project, we aim to compute OPPs that achieve not only load-friendly operation, but also converter-friendly operation. In doing so, the efficiency, maximum output power and lifetime of the power converter can be increased, and, thus, the available hardware can be fully utilized.

Industry Partner

Tobias Geyer


Academic Supervisor

Petros Karamanakos


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