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Omar Alshawwa

The complex behaviour of welded tubular joints

>> 2021- 2025

omar alshawwa_edited.jpg

Doctoral Student

Tubular structures are widely used in many structural applications, and the members are typically connected to each other by welding. The complex behaviour of welded tubular joints needs to be investigated further.


There is an obvious gap in knowledge on the detailed behaviour of welded tubular joints made of high strength steels, although various research efforts have been directed at them. Currently, the Eurocode 3 is conservative considering the design rules and safety factors of tubular joints.


This research project contributes to the on- going international discussion by providing new knowledge on the behaviour of high-strength steel welded tubular joints. In this project, hight strength steel  tubular K-joints are being specifically studied.

Industry Partner

Anssi Hyvärinen


Academic Supervisor

Kristo Mela


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