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DSII Scale-up Pilot is a groundbreaking collaboration between Finland's two largest universities,

University of Helsinki and Tampere University.

Under the pilot's theme Big data sustainability,

the future DSII PhD students will be solving the grand challenges of our lifetime. 


DSII model has been utilized by Tampere University for over eight years with 40+ cases and 25 companies. Now, the DSII model will be piloted and developed further in collaboration with University of Helsinki, Tampere University and Tamlink Ltd. The pilot is supported and funded by the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and the industry partner companies.

In the DSII scale-up the PhD students will be utilizing a multidisciplinary approach in solving the global challenges under the selected theme, Big data sustainability. DSII's goal is to educate high-level professionals with the ability to understand and combine business and science, and offer solutions, knowledge and experts for the industry partners.

For the PhD students, the DSII scale-up is a unique opportunity to gain support and facilities from the industry partner and both universities, as each student will have academic supervisors from both Tampere University and University of Helsinki. 


Here are some of the scale-up pilot's academic supervisors, who supervise the doctoral students' research work related to the theme "big data sustainability":

jorma keskinen.jpg
Jorma Keskinen

Aerosol Physics
kari systä.jfif
Kari Systä

Software engineering
Abstract Surface


Interested in applying for DSII Scale-up PhD position? Good!


All DSII Scale-up PhD positions will be published during 2023. Make sure to follow us on social media (LinkedIn & Instagram) to stay up-to-date and check out the currently open positions below! 




The purpose of the job is to create new knowledge for academia and industry in the field of aerosol science and aerosol physics. As a doctoral researcher you will conduct research and contribute to the development of new methods and instrumentation for nanoparticle measurements. You will conduct calibration and validation measurements both in the laboratory and at field stations and perform data analysis. The results will be disseminated in scientific peer-reviewed journals, international conferences, doctoral network events and events with industry. At the universities, the work will be supervised by professors Katrianne Lehtipalo (University of Helsinki), Markku Kulmala (University of Helsinki) and Topi Rönkkö (Tampere University). You will also be supported by practitioners in the steering group, including company representatives.

The industry partner for this position is Airmodus.

Read more here.


The purpose of the job is to create new knowledge for academia and industry in software engineering within the application domain of retrofitting software-intensive products using Design Science as the methodological approach.

The industry partner for this position is Danfoss Drives.

Read more here.


The purpose of the job is to create new knowledge for academia and industry in polymer technology. The motivation for the research stems from Circular Economy: there is a need to increase the amount and quality of recycled polyolefin (PE, PP) feedstock. Currently, there is significant variation in the feedstock quality and purity, which negatively affects the level and consistency of the end product quality. Thus, the objective of the project is to study means to homogenise the recyclate feedstock to achieve constant and high-quality end products. As a result of the project, we will better understand the variation within the feedstock, ways to control it and procedures to ensure the targeted end product quality.

The industry partner for this position is Borealis Polymers Oy.

Read more here.


The purpose of the job is to create new knowledge for academia and industry in the field of physical chemistry. The goals are:

  1. To develop new analytical offline techniques utilizing the Karsa MION technology and Orbitrap mass spectrometry

  2. To develop new online chemical ionization schemes for trace vapor detection

  3. Use the developed technologies in environmental monitoring for better understanding on sources of pollution and atmospheric chemistry.

The industry partner for this position is Karsa Oy.

Read more here.

Open positions scale up
Sustainable Energy
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