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Amirhossein Zabihi

Tribology and machine elements focusing on fretting

Andrei Ahonen

Empirical software engineering for autonomous mobile machines (ESEAM)

Bishwas Basnet

Hardware development of high-power galvanically isolated DC/DC converter

Dario Amoroso D Aragona

Architectural degradation and technical debt dashboards

Erkka Virtanen

Bevel gear performance improvement and service life prediction based on endurance testing

Felipe Torres

Multi-modal computational photography and videography

Henna Hietikko-Kaukola

Welded joints in direct design methods for hollow sections steel structures

Herbert Hartl

Enhancement, optimization and characterisation of condensation-based size spectrometers for ultrafine aerosol measurements

Isavella Koukoula

Advanced optimized pulse patterns for medium voltage drivers (OPT2DRIVE)

Jaakko Vihola

Resource-efficient public real estate procurement

Jani Vilppo

Computational materials modelling

Johanna Kalmari

Nature-based exposomic strategy in health and disease

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