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Portfolio of DSII cases

Ongoing cases

Leyla Shojaeifard

Automatically retrofitting variable-frequency drives using software solutions

Bishwas Basnet

Hardware development of high-power galvanically isolated DC/DC converter

Nishan Withana

Control design of next-generation, galvanically isolated DC-DC converters

Herbert Hartl

Enhancement, optimization and characterisation of condensation-based size spectrometers for ultrafine aerosol measurements

Lauri Aaltonen

Effects of large-scale penetration of distributed energy resources on distribution grids

Miia Kokkonen

Catalytic modification of carbohydrates

Sebastian Holm

A novel aerosol filter analysis methodology

Mohamed Allam

Energy efficient multi-pressure system in excavators

Milad Kianpisheh

Homogenization of polyolefins using material science and machine learning

Mira Adolfsson

Improved fatigue lifetime prediction of large and heavy machinery components

Marja Heikkinen

Energy companies service models for distributed local energy communities and/or energy solutions

Johanna Kalmari

Nature-based exposomic strategy in health and disease

Henna Hietikko-Kaukola

Welded joints in direct design methods for hollow sections steel structures

Jani Vilppo

Computational materials modelling

Dario Amoroso D Aragona

Architectural degradation and technical debt dashboards

Ville Karlsson

Spiking neural networks for vision and image processing

Mikko Salo

On-line measurement of elastic modulus in paper and cardboard manufacturing

Mari Niemelä

Holt melt extrusion for drug manufacturing

Erkka Virtanen

Bevel gear performance improvement and service life prediction based on endurance testing

Isavella Koukoula

Advanced optimized pulse patterns for medium voltage drivers (OPT2DRIVE)

Shushik Avagyan

Mobile multispectral imaging

Omar Alshawwa

The complex behaviour of the welded tubular joints

Felipe Torres

Multi-modal computational photography and videography

Amirhossein Zabihi

Tribology and machine elements focusing on fretting

Shekhar Silwal

Shear resistance of sandwich panels

Jukka Koskinen

Bio-based fillers in tire compounds for improved tire properties and sustainability

Andrei Ahonen

Empirical software engineering for autonomous mobile machines (ESEAM)

Marea de Koning

Safety concepts for collaborative autonomous mobile working machines

Lauri Jaamala

Direct design method for high strength steel tubular structures

Panagiotis Korkos

Operation monitoring of pitch system in wind turbine

Samu-Pekka Ojanen

Silicon photonics-enabled multi-wavelength gas sensors

Wenyan Yang

Reinforcement learning solutions for intelligent cargo handling

Marzieh Zare

Operation and health monitoring of drilling system

Kim Kalmankoski

Laser enhanced air quality monitoring

Tuomo Joensuu

Circular economy in urban environment

Jaakko Vihola

Resource-efficient public real estate procurement

Suvi Peltokangas

Intelligent adaptive rock drilling control

Saeed Bakhshi Germi

Safety in artificial intelligence

Teemu Mononen

Semi-autonomous Bulldozer Control for Self-leveling Tasks

Petri Mäkinen

Mining proof sensor systems

Farid Alijani

Environment mapping, analysis and localization

Abhishek Singhal

Resource Smart Energy Conversion in Circular Economy

Jukka Peltomäki

Deep learning and computer vision in mining environment

Xiaolong Zhang

State Estimation with Floating Base

Turo Välikangas

Heat Exchanger Optimization

Aaretti Kaleva

Artificial Patination of Zinc

Lari Melander

Big Data Fusion in Forest Harvesters

Juha Niemi

Bird Strike Assessment for Wind Farms

Janne Mämmelä

Value Creation of Technology


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