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A journey to a 220-year-old industry giant Valmet

In the realm of industrial innovation and sustainability, few names shine as brightly as Valmet. A global leader in energy, pulp, board, tissue, and paper industries worldwide ranking number one in almost all sectors. DSII students recently had the privilege to explore the Valmet facilities and get introduced to their products and services. In this blog post, I will share some insights and reflections from this enlightening experience.

DSII in Valmet
DSII students visiting the Valmet premises.

Arriving at Valmet’s state-of-the-art location, we were greeted by the buildings architectural beauty. Big windows let a great amount of sunlight inside. We were welcomed by Markku Mäntylä Research Manager, and Jussi Graeffe Measurement and Technology Specialist, where they presented Valmet’s state-of-the-art measurement technology for quality control of paper production, a wonder multi-point optical measurement system that can detect the tiniest of defects. That left us in awe. 

Although Valmet’s product line is vastly advanced the development never stops. Our DSII doctoral student Mikko Salo working in cooperation with Valmet gave us a hint on the upcoming technology in the company’s efforts to optimize and further improve the paper production process.

Salo is currently working on a measurement system that can calculate the structural rigidity of cardboard during production. This enables manufacturers to optimize their cardboard design, reducing used materials and improving the structural integrity of their products.

DSII in Valmet
DSII-student Mikko Salo with other students.

“This is an incredible breakthrough given that paper is moving at more than 100 km/hr during production and the measurement needs to be done in a fraction of a second” as Graeffe stated.

Mikko’s work depends on commercial sensors which make the product available without the need for special equipment.

On the second part of the visit, we were introduced to the company’s history section where we saw a small portion of the products on display. One special product caught all the attention. It was a hundred-year-old temperature sensor that everyone in Finland has seen or used in their saunas. Graeffe showcased the production facilities where one of their products is manufactured, assembled, tested, and delivered to the customer. All this happens on the same production line to meticulously make sure that everything is done properly.

The key learnings from the visit were the integral role of digitalization in enhancing sustainability and efficiency across the pulp and paper value chain.

Valmet's innovative digital solutions enable real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making, empowering companies to minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and maximize productivity. Also, Valmet's holistic approach to sustainability, which encompasses not only the environmental aspects but also social responsibility and economic viability.

The visit to Valmet was a truly enlightening experience that deepened our understanding of the intersection between technology, innovation, and sustainability in the pulp and paper industry.

The visit also allowed other DSII students to discuss their research topics with the industry giant’s experts.

DSII in Valmet
DSII students were amazed about the amount of light in the Valmet lobby.


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