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Excursion to Koja

Yet again, a new page has been turned in our calendars as we move into December. We started the last month of 2019 with an excursion to Koja Ltd. hosted by one of our almost-graduate PhD student Turo Välikangas.

Turo Välikangas presenting his latest article.

Turo is finalizing his PhD research on heat exchanger optimization with Koja as his industry partner. Few weeks back, Turo published his latest article Deposition of dry particles on a fin-and-tube heat exchanger by a coupled soft-sphere DEM and CFD, and since his DSII journey is about to be over, it was time for the whole DSII group to get familiar with Koja and the end results of Turo’s doctoral thesis.

We started our excursion from Hervanta campus of Tampere University and head together to Koja in Härmälä (Tampere). The morning’s program at Koja was the following:

9:00 Turo's article presentation

9:30 R&D center introduction and walk around

10:30 Process fan factory walk around

11:30 Leaving back to Hervanta

Our group at Koja R&D Center.

We started with a brief introduction to Koja’s history and operations, after which Turo presented his latest article and results as well as shared some tips for other DSII students for the future (with coffee of course!).

After getting through Turo’s article and him answering our questions, we moved to walk around at Koja’s R&D center and process fan factory.

After the official program and an impressive tour, we still had some time to talk before heading back to Hervanta.

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