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Matti Apunen: Happily ever after – The art of corporate storytelling

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The vertical media monopolies are gone. But what works in the new order? Storytelling is an ancient method for capturing the minds of an audience; the same mechanics that always worked on a campfire, is still the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. Corporate storytelling can enhance the interest of media and investors, and the R&D and sales prospects. Things we often mistake for corporate stories, are rather prayers or informative labels with the emotional appeal of a product disclaimer. The goal of the lecture is to provide the audience with basic elements of storytelling with some dos and don’ts: How do I design and construct a story to promote the qualities and brand of my project or enterprise.

Lecture 1 (Oct 2020) focused on the protagonist/mainstream media relationship (news, public discussion), i.e. personal dimensions of publicity. This session is about building the character of the product and the company.

Lecture by Professor of Practice Matti Apunen DSII studies, Exploring Industry Experience.

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