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DSII Roundup in Nokia Arena's Paidia space

Roundup is a concept where PhD students in different stages of DSII meet a few times a year to share the stages of their research work and get peer support from their fellow students. At the same time, Tamlink offers coffee and maybe a lunch, or then we do something else communal. This time the roundup was in Tampere University's Paidia space located at Nokia Arena.

Doctoral School of Industry Innovations DSII (Doctoral School of Industry Innovations) operated by Tamlink arranged the roundup in Paidia Living Lab of Play premises. The students fell in love with the cozy spaces and its versatile gaming activities.

Isavella Koukoula testing the Oculus VR headset for the first time. Koukoula is doing her dissertation in collaboration with the company ABB.

The students got to try the rally simulator, virtual glasses, PlayStation 5 console and super gaming computers. After a while at the Paidia the important question immediately popped up: "Can we have our Christmas party here?"

DSII students Felipe Torres, Ville Karlsson, Isavella Koukoula, Panagiotis Korkos and Erkka Virtanen.

Students from all over the world come to study at the doctoral school every year. That's why Tamlink organizes group activities that allow students to get peer support from each other and get to know other PhD students that are in the same situation.

Roundup is a concept, where students are invited to a meeting and each one gets to talk about their own research work, its stages, results and challenges. In this way, the students get the opportunity to test their ideas and practice presenting their research to the public. Others can comment, chat or give feedback.

Sometimes an expert can be invited to the roundups to speak, for example about patents or, for example, the establishment of a startup company.

The meetings have been popular among students.

Omar Alshawwa testing the rally simulator. Tamlink's Elina Tiainen on the right. Alshawwa is doing his dissertation in collaboration with the SSAB.

Tamlink's Elina Tiainen presenting the Nokia Arena Paidia specs to the doctoral students.

Mari Niemelä, Felipe Torres, Xiaolong Zhang and Andrei Ahonen are listening to Ville Karlssonin presenting his study.

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