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DSII spring 2023 kick-off report

Doctoral School of Industry Innovations DSII operated by Tamlink recently arranged their spring 2023 kick-off for communal meetings at Hervanta, Tampere. This time the kick-off happening were kept very informal to make sure that the current group of PhD students has also time to connect with each other more freely.

After gathering the group at DSII Roundup’s usual location at the Tampere University Hervanta campus, it was time to have a short walk to the nearby Police Museum.

At this time the museum had two on going exhibitions. Both exhibitions we very well thought-of and had impressive collections.

Their permanent exhibition portrays changes in police work over the years and glimpses of the Finnish society through the lens of crime and law enforcement. Their second exhibition is called “The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland”. This temporary exhibition displays how art crime investigations are done in cooperation with art experts and how forged artworks are distributed with real-life examples.

Tamlink team of Juha Leppänen, Jukka Matikainen and Elina Tiainen started to get nervous when even thinking about the possibility of forged or plagiarized doctoral theses and degrees.

After having learned many fascinating details about art forgery and the history of Police of Finland, the group enjoyed lunch and conversation. Tamlink believes that it is important to support the PhD students to interact also outside their everyday work environment.

The Police Museum has been awarded the Museum of the Year award in 2022 and is open for all interested without entrance fee.

One purpose of these communal meetings is to provide students natural opportunities for creating meaningful connections over their respective disciplinary borders. By participating these meetings, the students can share knowledge, support each other, and receive valuable feedback in regard of their own research cases.

The kick-off meeting started the Tamlink’s DSII spring 2023 programme that consist of roundups with guest experts, DSII partner company excursions and Exploring Industry Experience course lectures by the Tampere University Professor of Practice Matti Apunen and Industry Professor Stephen Wright.

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