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Modern media: Creating and inspiring the world with better content

Modern media is a weapon in this current world. Our culture is reflected in the media, and we must adjust to the changes that have occurred over the last few decades.

As a researcher, you want to share your thoughts and scientific breakthroughs with as many colleagues and other people as possible so that they can read your breakthrough insights.

Researchers promote their new work through conferences and publications, but the amount of attention they receive will be determined by the significance of their study.

Today, we have various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where we may publish our research findings by making short films, writing blogs, and contacting press agencies.

ResearchGate is a site that enables scientists to share and discuss their research as well as connect with potential collaborators and it helps to interact with different research groups across the globe and make your work to reach broader.

Researchers can readily track the challenges and aims of the industries via the use of modern media. As a result, a communication gap has been created between researchers and industry.

Journalism and research have a lot in common

We can’t differentiate research and traditional journalism in terms of authenticity, accuracy, and verification prior to publish the content to world. Journalism and research both follow the same path right from collecting data, crafting compelling stories based on that data, and then publishing it to the world.

Researchers follow similar way right from deciding on a problem statement, collecting data through experiments, and then reporting the results. There are so many qualities that a researcher can acquire from journalists such as way of presentation, making stories effectively, and attracting the public.

Journalists must adhere to certain ethical standards, such as not releasing false information and misleading the public, and researchers should not mislead the scientific community by reporting false results.

Modern media should inspire and impact society by offering better content, yet when it comes to publishing news, it sometimes lacks transparency and authenticity.

When sharing your opinions with the public, you should be very cautious and knowledgeable so that you do not have a negative impact on society.

Rahul Cherukuri, Doctoral Student

Photo: Unsplash

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